Upper Piddle Flood Management Scheme

Dorset County Council have advised us that “they are pleased to advise that their Flood Risk Management Team has secured funding from Defra to undertake a Natural Flood Management (NFM) Project in the Upper Headwaters of the River Piddle. They will be working in partnership with the Environment Agency, Wessex Water, Natural England’s Catchment Sensitive Farming Team and other key stakeholders, to reduce the risk of downstream flooding in the Piddle Valley by ‘slowing the flow’ of surface water run-off through NFM interventions, while also providing benefits to biodiversity that NFM will bring.

Interventions may include; improving soil infiltration, installing small bunds and hedgerows along flow pathways, contour ploughing, and reinstating wet woodlands and watermeadows. The majority of the interventions will be on farmland and we will be working with the local farmers and landowners in Plush, Alton Pancras, Piddletrenthide and Piddlehinton to help deliver this project. We would also welcome the Parish Council’s involvement with this project. This is in the very early stages but we will be looking to arrange stakeholder meetings and community drop in’s in the Autumn, and I will advise you of these nearer the time.

Environment Agency Report (August 2016) on works undertaken and proposals for further studies and works to alleviate flooding in the valley.

The Environment Agency have arranged a public “drop-in” meeting at Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall on 29th June from 1600 to 1900 hrs, to discuss drainage issues.

Wessex Water are to attend that meeting to update you on proposals for two further storm overflow pumping stations – probably at Church Lane and Rectory Road – to help alleviate sewer surcharging during times of heavy rainfall and high groundwater.

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