Updates to the Definitive Rights of Way Map

Dorset County Council have advised us of small changes to the working copy of the definitive map and statement of public rights of way affecting Piddlehinton and Piddletrenthide, as follows:

1. Following a public inquiry held in 1982 as part of the Review of the definitive map and statement the Secretary of State decided to add the short Bridleway 24, Piddlehinton east of Bourne Farm near the parish boundary with Puddletown (and continuing as Bridleway 49, Puddletown). The County Council received the Sec of State’s Direction to show it as a bridleway in December 1985. However, subsequently the path was not drawn accurately on the definitive map sealed in 1989 and was shown too far south, on the southern side of the field boundary that was there at the time. The route has now been corrected and the change shown on our interactive GIS map showing public rights of way, Dorset Explorer, which may be viewed here. For your information I attach a copy of the Secretary of State’s Direction, a plan showing the line claimed by the Ramblers’ Association at the Review and an extract from of the 1902 Ordnance Survey map. I also attach a copy of the relevant pages from the definitive statement although, in this case, there is no change to the statement.

2. Following a public inquiry held in March 1982 Footpath 39, Piddletrenthide was added to the 1989 definitive map but drawn incorrectly, being shown too far west. The amended route is shown here and a copy of the Secretary of State’s Direction in 1985, the map used for the claimed route and an extract from the 1902 Ordnance Survey map is attached. I also attach an extract from the definitive statement. (Please note that the northern part of this path was extinguished in 2003 when BR 9 was diverted.)

The changes will be added to the next bulk modification order, which will be made shortly, this will be the legal authority to make the amendments to the definitive map and statement.

Piddletrenthide Definitive Statement 16052017

Piddlehinton FP 24 SoS DIRECTION 08121985

Piddlehinton Definitive Statement 06122017

Piddletrenthide FP 39 SoS direction

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