Traffic Speeds

Neil Herbert, Speeedwatch co-ordinator, attended the last PC meeting to advise on the situation with Speedwatch in the Valley. 43 Speedwatch sessions have been held since 2014 in the stretch between Piddlehinton and Duntish. 380 vehicles out of 5,500 have been reported to the Police as recorded as exceeding the speed limit. The Police will then take action on repeat offenders as appropriate.

Piddlehinton currently has 8 volunteers, Piddlehinton has 7. Each session requires at least 3 trained volunteers to attend. Sessions are held at Police approved locations, but at the volunteers’ discretion and timing. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Neil in the first instance.

If anyone wishes to report problems with perceived excessive vehicle speed in a particular location ( as opposed to specific vehicles) then the link to use is

Previous note 22/12/13 :- The problem of reducing traffic speeds through the Valley continues to exercise the minds of all.

As reported in the Neighbourhood Plan section of the November/December 2013 PVNV edition, a Community Speed Watch has been set up by Dorset Police in conjunction with members of local communities to operate speed checking equipment in Piddlehinton, Piddletrenthide, Alton Pancras, Buckland Newton and Duntish. At present the group has over twenty volunteers, who commenced this activity early in 2014. Anyone interested in joining this group please contact Dorset Police by telephoning 101 or via their website link

One of the most effective solutions would be for residents in the valley to ensure that they themselves do not exceed the speed limit! – There are no real opportunities for overtaking, so that should automatically control a lot of the traffic for free. Research nationally has shown that in most areas where speed is seen an issue, it is predominantly the local residents who are to blame!

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