Piddletrenthide Sandbag Store & Aqua-sacs


Anyone who is at risk of surface water flooding and might have a need for sandbags to keep water out of their property may be interested in this product (other similar products are also available). It is a package of lightweight sacks filled with a water absorbing gel. They are used in the same way as the traditional sandbag, the gel absorbing water and swelling to form a good seal to the building. The advantage is that, when dry, they are much smaller to store than sandbags and lighter to handle. Anyone interested in the product can find more details on the internet ( search for Aqua-sac).

NB: The Parish Council makes no recommendation about this or any other product or supplier. There are other similar products available and it is the responsibility of the individual purchaser to satisfy themselves as to its suitability for themselves. It is also the responsibility of the property owner to arrange their own flood protection.

Feb 2017 – the Piddletrenthide sandbag store has moved from Racklands to the barns/garage at Meadow View, opposite the Piddletrenthide First School.

Please also be aware that there will be flood signs stored at this location – these have been secured by the Parish Council to be deployed at locations agreed with Dorset County Council, and are not for public use.

PLEASE ONLY TAKE SANDBAGS FOR THE PROTECTION OF DWELLINGS. If anyone is in need of sandbags, please contact Chris Ebdon, Chairman, on 01300 348964, or if he is not available, your Parish Councillor.

Thanks to Paul and Kay for allowing us to use their garage as a central location for the storage of the sandbags.

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