Piddlehinton Windfall Donation

Update – Aug 2017. The Speed Display device has been bought and is regularly positioned in Piddlehinton on Church Hill and Rectory Rd. 5 Defibrillators have been installed in the Valley by the Parish Council- see separate page. The “Millennium Belle” boat on the Green was, regrettably, declared beyond repair and the Trustees have now insalled a replacement boat. New Heaters have been installed in the Village Hall.

At the meeting on 13th November 2015, attended by 28 villagers, it was decided that the fund would be distributed 40% to the Village Hall for heating improvements, 25% to the Millennium Green towards the renovation of the “Millennium Belle” boat, 25% towards the cost of a permanent Speed Indication Display (in the expectation that this will help slow the spped of vehicles through the village) and 10%towards the cost of one defibrillator for the village. A flyer has been delivered to all households in the village detailing this.

December 2015 – The community of Piddlehinton have been given a £10,000 donation – 1/3 from Farm Power Apollo and 2/3 from Bourne Park Solar – following the successful development of the Solar Power arrays at Bourne. The monies are currently being held by the Parish Council on behalf of the community and we will be holding a Village Meeting in Piddlehinton in the autumn, date to be advised, at which ideas for possible projects will be received and discussed. The donors have indicated that they would prefer the money to be used for some “energy saving scheme or schemes”. Not necessarily solely within the village, but certainly to the benefit of the villagers. Please give thought to possible projects upon which you would like to see some or all of the money spent and bring those ideas to the meeting.

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