Piddle Valley Neighbourhood Plan

These pages carry reports of the progress of the Parish Council and the Working & individual Focus Groups in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

We will keep you informed through these pages of developments and information as the project develops.

Please visit these pages regularly to see how the Piddle Valley Community can have its say in shaping the future of the Valley and how it will affect you.

The Working Group is now disbanded. Any queries should be addressed to the Parish.

The PIDDLE VALLEY NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN was supported by the majority of voters and has now been formally approved and adopted by West Dorset District Council on 1st July 2018. It now forms part of the Statutory Planning Framework applicable to Planning Applications within the Piddle Valley Parish Council Planning Area.

Email the Clerk – Samantha Paulley


PiddleValley Neighbourhood Plan Final Referendum version

Piddle Valley Parish Plan 2012

The Piddle Valley Design Statement