Minutes Extra Ordinary Meeting17 February 2018

Minutes of Piddle Valley Parish Council Extra Ordinary Meeting Hope Farm House, Piddletrenthide 17 February 2018

Present:  Cllrs Mailer, Clifton, Lock, Edbon, Abbott, Cox, Phillips, Potts and Sherwood.

Apologies:  Cllr Brackstone, Coombes, Howard, Murray and Milne

No apologies received from:  Cllr Hiscock


None received

  1. WD/D/17/003007 – Hope Farm House, Piddletrenthide

This planning application was discussed and voted all in favour.  All agreed.

  1. Discussion about the costs of reconnection of power to Alton Pancras telephone box.

Defib group will discuss at their meeting on the 22nd.  Will try to reduce costs.  Work required on the accounts to confirm the amount in the defib group.  Cllrs Cox and Mailer will research history to confirm whether SSE grant should be in PC accounts or defib account.  To be discussed further at next PC meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 1145.