Minutes 30 January 2018

Minutes of Piddle Valley Parish Council Tuesday 30 January 2018 Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall

Present:  Cllrs Mailer (CHAIR), Clifton, Ebdon,Lock, Potts,  Abbott, Phillips, Murray, Coombes, Cox, Milne, Sherwood, Brackstone, District Cllr Haynes

Apologies received:  Cllr Howard, County Cllr Haynes

No apologies received from Cllr Hiscock

Democratic Period

No comments received.

County Cllr Update

County Cllr Haynes gave apologies for the meeting but sent the following report;

Local Government Reorganisation

The secretary of State gave a “minded to” decision last November and since that time the councils involved have had to go to their full council meeting to approve that this is the way they want to go forward.  Eight of the Nine Councils approved the move to two unitary councils.  Christchurch did not and suggested that there should be a unitary of Bournemouth and Poole Councils, without Christchurch and that the rest of Dorset should remain as two tier (status quo).  The secretary of state will now decide what action to take, and if he is to go with the two new councils then an announcement will be expected shortly before an act of parliament is made in March.  Whatever the case the councils will need to work much more closely together and if there are to be elections for a new authority in May 2019 then there is a huge amount of work to be done to prepare for the merging of services.

I have been involved in some interesting work in Purbeck looking at public property in a holistic way.  We have an empty middle school after this area moved to primary and secondary schools.  The health trust has an old community hospital that is not fit for purpose.  The local GP is looking for a new surgery as his is too small.  The district council have some funding that they are looking to put into social housing.  Last autumn all the interested parties got together and agreed to potentially do some land swops and investment to provide something really quite exciting.  There is now a signed memorandum of understanding and using a framework of investors, housing associations and developers set up by DCC we look as if we can make this work.   So we are looking at a new community hospital, a GP surgery with some space for community support activity and some key worker housing for the nurses and care workers required in the area.  The idea of using the whole of the public estate has really taken off and so the NHS, Blue light services and councils across Dorset are now looking to see if this can be rolled out across the county. It is good to see organisations getting together like this to create better outcomes when in the past they would have just sold off unwanted buildings or moaned they could not afford new ones.  At the same time we are looking to provide some very much needed affordable housing for our key workers.

I have spoken recently about the considerable pressures there are on the children’s services budget. Currently this is about £15M overspent.  Much of this is due to the cost and number of looked after children, currently running at about 430.  Much of the cost is because we are having to use agency foster placements for the children and these are often out of county.  We have recently started a big campaign to enlist more foster carers in Dorset and we are starting a series of roadshows across the county to encourage more people to think about fostering children.  We hope to recruit over 100 families in the next two years.

We also send far too many children with special needs out of county for their education as we do not have the specialist provision in the county.  Again this is very expensive and is not good for families to be split up.  We are now looking at renovating and altering some of our own property to see if we could provide this more locally and in house.

The most recent survey of councils shows the Dorset Waste Partnership as the top for recycling in the country.  This organisation has had a completer turn around and not only is providing an excellent service but also is projected to come in £900K under budget this year.

There has been a lot on the news recently about delays in hospitals and in particular the delay to those coming out of hospital due to lack of beds in care homes of lack of capacity in domiciliary care.  In many ways we are lucky in Dorset because we do have a very elderly population we also have 9 community hospitals as a step down from the 5 main hospitals if that is what is needed. This winter DCC has made a real concerted effort to keep the system moving and there have been daily local meetings and a weekly Dorset wide meeting across the health system to ensure we are doing the very best we can to move people out of hospital.  We have made a lot of progress and our figures for November and December, when things are particularly busy, are better than the rest of the year and improving.  With the large increase in flu cases this may be a more difficult in January but we do seem to have got much better communication across the system. The emerging big issue is that there is nowhere as step down accommodation for those with mental health problems.  People who have had to be in hospital for their mental health but need to move to supported accommodation before the move back to independent living. For their own safety they cannot just be put out into the community.  We are now working hard with the health trust to see what solutions there could be to this issue.

District Cllr update

District Cllr Haynes attended the meeting and the SMARTS planning application was discussed in great detail regarding the lack of enforcement on the original conditions of the approval.  District Cllr Haynes was asked if he can call in the current planning application to committee to give the Parish Council the opportunity to be heard.  District Cllr Haynes agreed to contact Fred Horsington, Chairman of the Planning Committee but stressed that this wouldn’t go to committee until March.

Action – Cllr Mailer to also contact Cllr Horsington.

Action – District Cllr Haynes to ask County Councillor Haynes to forward a report ref the Bus Service in the Piddle Valley.

1/2018 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Phillips declared an interest with the Millennium Green request on the agenda.

2/2018 Minutes of meeting held on 28 November 2017

It was proposed by Cllr Cox and seconded by Cllr Clifton that these minutes with the following amendment should be accepted as a true record of the meeting.  All agreed.

Page 1, Present, should include Cllr Brackstone

3/2018 Minutes of Extra Ordinary meeting held on 19 December 2017

It was proposed by Cllr Abbott and seconded by Cllr Phillips that these minutes should be accepted as a true record of the meeting.  All agreed.

4/2018 Clerks Update

The Clerk informed the meeting of the Transparency Code funding available to all parish councils to implement the legal obligations all local councils are required to fulfil.  The funding would provide the council with a fully responsive website along with training for the clerk.

It was proposed by Cllr Cox and seconded by Cllr Clifton the funding should be applied for.   All agreed.

Action – Clerk to apply for funding.

5/2018 Police Home watch update

PCSO Donnison attended the meeting and gave the following update;

  • Break-in at the Waterson farmshop
  • Outbuilding at Austral Farm broken into and tools taken
  • Duntish – opportunist stole chainsaw

General advice is to be mindful and report any concerns to the police via the website or 101.

During a recent hunt a report of the hounds being on the Millennium Green has been received.  This is an ongoing investigation.

Dorset Police are introducing ‘Op signature’ which is a scoring process for high risk victims of scams.  The PCSO will visit the victims on a monthly basis for 3 months.  Scam prevention meetings can also be arranged with the local PCSO.

6/2018 Planning matters

  1. Decision notices;
  • WD/D/17/002551 The Beeches, Piddlehinton – APPROVED
  • WD/D/17/002718 – Land adjacent to unit 47a, Enterprise Park, Piddlehinton – APPROVED
  1. Planning consultation
  • WD/D/17/003007 HOPE FARMHOUSE, SWAN LANE, PIDDLETRENTHIDE – It was agreed that a site meeting followed by extra ordinary meeting is required for this application will has been arranged for Saturday 17 February at 1130am.

Clerk to circulate meeting notice.

  1. ii) Planning Matters – Various
  • Minerals and Waste Plans Consultation – A discussion took place as to what comments should be made and it was agreed that comments should be submitted regarding increase of traffic and also the impacts on the environment.

Clerk to submit comments on Dorset for You by 5pm 31 January 2018

  • Parish & Town Planning session – Cllrs Sherwood and Ebdon accepted the invite. Awaiting confirmation of attendance.
  • Unilateral Undertaking document received in relation to WD/D/17/001069, Austral Farm, Alton Pancras

Action – Clerk to circulate.

7/2018 Buses & Community Car scheme working group

Cllr Potts gave an update on the meeting held in December and also confirmed that the amount of responses received from the leaflet drop to gauge interest in the bus service was poor which is very disappointing.  The working group will meet to discuss the way forward.

Action – Group to meet and publish article for next News and Views (by 15th February)

8/2018 Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Cllr Cox has circulated the amended report and comments to all councillors.  WDDC have accepted most of the changes but broadband, traffic and conservation areas are not included.  Should this now go to referendum?  It was proposed by Cllr Cox and seconded by Cllr Phillips that the parish council agrees to the changes in the plan and wishes WDDC takes to strategy meeting on 8 February with a view to take to referendum.   A vote took place and all Councillors were in favour.

9/2018 DAPTC meeting update

Cllr Mailer asked if anyone could attend the DAPTC conference at Kingston Mauward.  Cllr Lock may be able to but if not Cllr Clifton confirmed he can.

Action – Cllr Lock to confirm/refuse attendance.  Cllr Clifton to attend.

Action – Clerk to book place at Conference

10/2017 Defibrillator working group update

Cllr Phillips informed the meeting that the Piddlehinton defib was deployed recently but not used as the paramedics attended.

Action – Group to meet and publish article for next News and Views (by 15th February)

11/2018 Matters arising from last minutes

  1. SMARTS tree planting & lighting – discussed under District Cllr update.
  2. Flood Prevention Plan

Next agenda

Action – Cllr Cox to arrange meeting as soon as possible with Cllr Lock, Abbott and Sherwood.

12/2018 School Matters

Next agenda

Action – Cllr Cox to arrange a meeting after the half term break and to include Cllrs Abbott and Hiscock

13/2018 Financial Matters

  1. Bills for Payment – December

Clerks Salary                                       £ 282.52

PAYE tax                                               £   70.63

Clerks expenses                                              £   27.60

  1. Bills for payment – January

Clerks Salary                                       £ 282.52

PAYE tax                                               £  70.63

Clerks expenses               inc office             £  82.60

Jo Witherden                                     £124.56

Village Hall hire costs                      £  12.50

It was proposed by Cllr Coombes and seconded by Cllr Abbott that these payments should be made.

  1. Millennium Green play equipment funding

A letter has been received from the Trustees of the Millennium Green confirming that they have made the decision to replace the large timber play structure which unfortunately requires increasingly frequent repairs because of rot in the timbers. The Trustees are requesting the parish council to write a letter of support to WDDC for grants to help with the costs.  It was proposed by Cllr Sherwood and seconded by Cllr Cox that a letter is sent.  All agreed with one abstention.

The Trustees are also requesting a contribution towards the costs from Piddle Valley Parish Council.  This was discussed and it was proposed by Cllr Sherwood and seconded by Cllr Ebdon that a financial report is submitted to the parish council in February and March but that the Parish Council would make an offer of £700 intended donation on the understanding that the remainder is raised by the Trust.  All agreed with two abstentions.

Clerk to respond to the Trustees

14/2018 Highway Matters

  1. Ironman

Cllr Mailer asked the council if this item needs to remain on the agenda and it was agreed that it can be taken off.

  1. Dorchester Marathon

It was agreed that the organisers should attend the next parish council meeting to discuss any concerns.

Clerk to invite organisers to February meeting

  1. Additional Grit bins – Cllr Hiscock

Next agenda

15/2018 News & Views/Website

A new editor is required for the News & Views.  Anyone interested should contact the current editor.

16/2018 Playing Field & Playground

Nothing to report.

Action – Cllr Mailer to enquire a sign is required about using play area at own risk.

17/2018 Items for next agenda

Tennis club fee

Millennium Green finance

School Matters

Post Office

There being no further business the meeting closed at 2130 with notice that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 February 2018, 1930hrs at Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall.