Minutes 29 May 2018

Minutes of Piddle Valley Parish Council Tuesday 29 May 2018 Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall

Present:  Cllrs Ebdon (CHAIR), Clifton, Lock, Potts,  Abbott, Cox, Milne, Mailer, Hiscock, Coombes, Brackstone, Sherwood, Murray

Apologies received:  Cllrs Howard, Phillips, County Cllr Haynes & District Cllr Haynes

Democratic Period

Members of the public attended the meeting to hear the discussion on the planning application for Mullets, Piddletrenthide and some of those expressed their concern for the proposed development.

County Cllr Update

County Cllr Haynes gave apologies for the meeting.

District Cllr update

District Cllr Haynes gave apologies for the next meeting.

Police/Home watch update

PCSO Sarah Hart attended the meeting and gave the following update;

  • Chickens have been stolen from the Valley recently.  Be vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles.
  • Ask Ned is a non- emergency database which should be used when unsure as to who report incidents to.  This has been implemented to alleviate pressure on the 101 phone line.  www.dorset.police.uk/askNED

76/2018 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Brackstone declared an interest with the Mullets planning application.

Cllr Lock declared an interest with the Lawrence Mede planning application.

Cllr Hiscock declared an interest with the Rock Pits Farm planning application.

77/2018 Minutes of meeting held on 24 April 2018

It was proposed by Cllr Potts and seconded by Cllr Sherwood that these minutes should be accepted as a true record of the meeting.  All agreed with one abstention.

78/2018 Minutes of Extra Ordinary meeting held on 8 May 2018

It was proposed by Cllr Cox and seconded by Cllr Abbott that these minutes should be accepted as a true record of the meeting.  All agreed with three abstentions.

79/2018 Clerks Update

  1. Pension

The Clerk informed the council that efforts to resolve issues with the pension is ongoing.

  1. Transparency Code

The Clerk confirmed that a meeting has been arranged for the 11 June 2018 to look at options for a website.

80/2018 Planning matters

  1. Planning Consultation;

WD/D/18/000890 – Erection of 4 dwellings (for holiday accommodation purposes) – Land at Mullets, White Lackington – This application was discussed in detail and the following were raised as concerns;

  • If this is approved it could set a precedent for further development of this nature.
  • Increase in traffic caused by exchange of visitors and there will be 8 parking spaces for the accommodation.
  • Previous holiday lets have become permanent dwellings.
  • Cllr Mailer reiterated that this is an outline planning application and not a full application
  • Cllr Milne stated that this is not within a development boundary
  • Cllr Lock expressed concern with flooding
  • Cllr Ebdon advised the meeting of the research he has carried out

It was proposed by Cllr Sherwood and seconded by Cllr Potts that this application should be refused for the following reasons;  All agreed

  1. Piddle Valley Neighbourhood Plan (2018)

Policy 2.  Important gaps between settlements – states that ‘Development that would reduce the openness of the gaps separating the settlements of Piddlehinton, White Lackington and Piddletrenthide will not be supported.’

This site falls within area ‘G2’ so should not be supported

  1. The site is within the AONB and is visible from the bridleway to the west of the River Piddle


Timber lodges are not in character with buildings in the Valley and the AONB

  1. Change of use of the land from agricultural (grazing) to commercial/residential


The development does not enhance biodiversity around the development, rather it removes 25% of the area of open pasture land/habitat.

  1. Flooding: Whilst the proposed development site is not subject to flooding the lower third of the field is part of the flood plain of the adjacent River Piddle and floods on a seasonal basis.  The addition of buildings and hard standing in the higher part of the paddock would inevitably increase run off and potentially increase flooding of the lower part of the paddock or exacerbate flooding further downstream.
  2. Local Plan

The Local Plan provides a very clear approach to the control of development through the use of Defined Development Boundaries (DDBs).  This location is outside these boundaries so the development should not be permitted.


The development requires potential customers to travel by car to the location as there is no local transport infrastructure.  This is neither sustainable or good for the environment with 8 parking spaces allocated to the development.


The development is not informed by the character of the site and its surroundings. Timber lodges are not in character with buildings in the Valley.


The development is inconsistent with Policy 2 of the Piddle Valley Neighbourhood Plan (2018)


No detailed plans conforming to this policy have been submitted.


Developments should not generate a level of activity or noise that will detract significantly from the character and amenity of the area or the quiet enjoyment of residential properties.  It is assumed that the lodges will attract families with children…..with a negative impact on bordering properties.

  1. The applicant suggests that Parts 3, 6, 7, 10 and 11 of the NPPF are relevant to the application whilst the PVPC does not consider the application to be consistent with parts 6, 7, 10 and 11.

Part 6:  Delivering a wide choice of Quality Homes:  The application is not for permanent homes.

Part 7:  Requiring Good Design:  No detailed design has been submitted but the PVPC considers Timber lodges are not in character with buildings in the Valley and the AONB.

Part 10:  Meeting the challenge of climate change, flooding and coastal change:

Part 11:  Conserving and enhancing the natural environment:   The addition of timber lodges will not enhance character of the Piddle Valley and the AONB and the development would reduce an area of open pasture land/habitat through change of use.

  1. All other holiday accommodation in the valley utilises and preserves existing buildings; there have been no new buildings approved for holiday accommodation: Approval would set a precedent for other similar developments in the valley eg The Thimble Inn.

Palmers brewery has applied for planning permission for 4 Shepherds huts at their Horse & Hounds Inn in Waytown in the Parish of Netherbury (WD/D/17/003026).  Still show as under consideration despite a target decision date of 14 Feb 2018.

Palmers have done nothing with their field at the Thimble and will not rent it out and are not maintaining it

WD/D/18/00905 – Erection of shooting lodge, Rock Pits Farm, Plush – This application was discussed and voted on – All in favour with 2 abstentions

WD/D/18/000967 – Lawrence Mede, Little Puddle farm Lane, Piddlehinton – Internal and external alterations to convert integral barn to family room and en suite, installation of glazed doors to porch and installation of chimney pots – This was discussed and agreed that a site meeting followed by and extra ordinary meeting is required before voting on the application.  A meeting will be requested for 19 June 2018 at 7pm or alternative date to accommodate owners/agent.

  1. Decision notices;

WD/D/18/000483 – Waterways, Swan Lane, Piddletrenthide – Erection of entrance porch and single storey rear extension with roof terrace; addition of Juliet balcony to south west elevation; balcony on the north west elevation and installation of front dormer together with internal and external alterations – APPROVED

WD/D/18/000615 – Kingsmead, Piddletrenthide – Remove modern kitchen partition (Retrospective). Carry out minor internal & external alterations – APPROVED

WD/D/18/000648 – Muston Manor Cottage, Muston Farm, Piddlehinton – Erection of two storey extension – APPROVED

  • Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole Waste Plan & Minerals Sites Plan Examination Information

There will be a hearing for this document which representation can be made either in writing or in person.  If any Councillors have further comment to make then please let Cllr Ebdon know by 6 June 2018.

ACTION – Councillors to make comment to Cllr Ebdon by 6 June 2018

81/2018 Community Car scheme working group

No update

82/2018 Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

No update

83/2018 DAPTC meeting update

Cllr Lock attended the recent meeting and informed the meeting that the main focus was LGR.  The biggest change to legislation is the housing reduction act.

84/2018 Defibrillator working group update

No update.

The Clerk has requested copies of all invoices for the defibrillators.

ACTION – Cllr Sherwood to email copies to Clerk

85/2018 Village meeting updates

Piddlehinton Village Meeting

A request was made for ‘Unsuitable for HGV’s’ sign at top of Rectory Road and ‘Pedestrians in road’ sign.

Action – Clerk to make request via Dorset for You website

It was proposed by Cllr Lock and seconded by Cllr Ebdon that these minutes with the following amendment are accepted as a true record of the meeting;  All agreed with one abstention.

Page 1, Present, remove Cllr Brackstone

Piddletrenthide Village meeting

It was proposed by Cllr Sherwood and seconded by Cllr Abbott that these minutes with the following amendment are accepted as a true record of the meeting;  All agreed

Page 3, second paragraph, last sentence should read, A resident has offered storage for the dugouts.  Cllr Mailer will speak to the representative of the football club to ask about the future of the club.

86/2018 Matters arising from last minutes

  1. Flood Prevention Plan – Next agenda
  2. School Matters – No update
  3. Millennium Green Finance – Next agenda

Action – Clerk to contact Trustees requesting an update

  1. Post Office –

The Clerk informed the meeting that a response has been received from the Post Office confirming that there have been some changes to the local field team that cover the area, so they are waiting for the very latest from a colleague that is now working on an outreach solution for the village.   They will be in touch again once more detail is known.

ACTION – Clerk to contact Miss Venning to ask about an Outreach service

  1. S106 monies

The Clerk raised the following questions with West Dorset District Council;

  • Why December before submitting proposals?
  • Who can apply and how?
  • How are the monies categorised?

The following response has been received;

Some of the categories are quite similar, so we are happy to bring money together from various categories (e.g. public open space, parks, play areas and amenity space) to help projects succeed.

We are currently dealing with the allocation of S106 money across the district and so we are trying to take a geographic, phased approach to the allocation process.  However, if you have a project that would benefit from funding in the short term then please do let us know.  We are asking projects to complete an application form (which my colleague Rosie Nippard can provide) so that we have a record as to how the money is used (should the developer ever ask).

  1. Noticeboard maintenance

Next agenda

87/2018 Financial Matters

  1. Bills for Payment

Clerks expenses                                              £ 70.84

Village Hall hire costs                      £  25.00

Kerry Brown – Internal audit       £  50.00

It was proposed by Cllr Coombes and seconded by Cllr Brackstone that these payments should be made.

  1. End of Year Accounts approval for Audit purpose

The Clerk confirmed that the internal audit has been completed and it was proposed by Cllr Coombes and seconded by Cllr Brackstone that the end of year accounts are accepted by the Council.  All agreed

  1. Confirmation of Clerks salary/office and tax Standing Orders

The Clerk confirmed that the standing order amounts are;

Salary – £288.43

Tax –      £  72.11

Office –  £ 32.00

  1. Income

The following income has been received;

Contribution to Defibrillator account – £25

WDDC Precept – £5500

88/2018 Highway Matters

  1. Additional Grit bins

The Clerk has given Cllr Hiscock contact details for the Community Highway Officer to arrange site meeting for locations of new grit bins.

ACTION – Cllr Hiscock to arrange site meeting with Highways

  1. Dead Cat Lane drain

The Clerk informed the meeting that neither Highways nor Countryside are accepting responsibility for the drain.  It was agreed that the Clerk should contact Becky Brookman of DCC’s Flood Risk team.

ACTION – Clerk to contact Becky Brookman to identify ownership/responsibility of drain

89/2018 General Data Protection Regulations

Blandford Town Council has organised some briefing sessions and it was agreed that the Clerk book 4 places for the 9 July 2018 at 7pm in Dorchester.

ACTION – Clerk to book places

90/2018 Piddlehinton Camp lights

Awaiting to hear from Planning.  Next agenda.

91/2018 News & Views/Website

It was agreed that the askNed information should be included in the next edition.

92/2018 Playing Field & Playground

Cllr Murray confirmed that the painting party for the play equipment is on the PTA agenda to arrange date.

It was requested that the school hedge which is currently causing visibility issues is also added to the agenda for action.

93/2018 Items for next agenda

Superfast Broadband – Plush – Cllr Sherwood

Churchyard payments

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:25 with notice that the next meeting will be the Extra Ordinary meeting on 19 June 2018, 7pm and the next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 June 2018, 1930hrs at Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall.