Minutes 25 September 2018

Minutes of Piddle Valley Parish Council Tuesday 25 September 2018 Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall

Present:  Cllrs Ebdon (CHAIR), Potts,  Abbott, Mailer, Coombes,  Sherwood, Howard, Phillips, Murray

Apologies received:  Cllrs Lock, Brackstone, Cox

Absent without apology;  Cllr Hiscock

Democratic Period

An update on the Community Speed Watch was received from one of the volunteers which included the following;

  • Since the launch of the Valleys speed watch four and a half years ago, 60 sessions have been carried out
  • There are 75 speed watch operations across the County, with 900 sessions carried out
  • 6000 offenders have received a first letter, the second letter has been received by a lot less and the third letter sent is minimal
  • The current offending speed is 10% + 3 = 36 but the police are looking to reduce that to 33
  • The current device being used by the Valleys speed watch is one of the original types and there is a more modern device which targets a wider picture.  A demo of this has been requested and if it proves more effective then the team may look to invest.

Thanks were expressed for the co-ordination of the scheme.

County Cllr Update

County Councillor Haynes attended the meeting and gave an update on the Local Government Review including;

  • New Council work is now taking a lot of officers time
  • A works programme for the new council is being set up to reduce numerous and various issues
  • Council tax for the new council area will be aligned from 2019
  • The new Chief Executive for the new council has been appointed, Matt Prosser is the successful candidate following a national recruitment exercise
  • Advertising for the level 2 tier (Directors) for the new council will be appointed by the Members
  • This will be followed by the level 3, assistant director posts
  • No further appointments will be made until after 1 April 2019 due to the TUPE deadlines
  • The local bus service is not making the money it should but it will continue to run for the time being.
  • Cllr Mailer requested that plenty of notice is given if and when the bus service terminates

District Cllr update

District Cllr Haynes attended the meeting and confirmed that from a district level there is nothing to report other than the Planning Committee agenda is getting longer.

Police/Home watch update

No update received.

151/2018 Declarations of Interest

There were none

152/2018 Minutes of Piddle Valley Parish Council meeting held on 28 August 2018

It was proposed by Cllr Sherwood and seconded by Cllr Coombes that these minutes with the following amendments should be accepted as a true record of the meeting;

Page 1, Democratic period, the following should have been included; The Post Office Outreach service was discussed and it was agreed that a letter is sent to Miss Venning advising her to contact the Post Master at Cerne Abbas direct and the letter should be copied to the owner of the shop.

Page 7, 113/2018 should have included Ironman

All agreed.

153/2018 Matters arising from last minutes – action sheet

The outstanding items on the action sheet were updated as attached.

154/2018 Clerks Update

The Clerk reminded Councillors of the apologies procedure as per the Good Councillor Guide.  All councillors are required to inform the Clerk as soon as possible if they are unable to attend any parish Council meeting and they must submit a reason for absence which is then either approved or not at the meeting.  This is not consistent currently amongst councillors.

The Clerk also reminded Councillors of the Standing Orders and Code of Conduct, if all Councillors and Clerk work consistently with these documents then this will improve working relationships with all.

155/2018 Planning matters

  1. Decision Notices

WD/D/18/000071 – Carters Barn Farm, Piddlehinton – Change of use of the land from agricultural to equestrian & construction of equestrian arena enclosed by post and rail fencing. – APPROVED

WD/D/18/001228 – 7 High Street, Piddlehinton – Conversion of detached garage to holiday or ancillary accommodation.  APPROVED

THE TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (GENERAL PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT) (ENGLAND) ORDER 2015 (AS AMENDED) Application No: WD/D/18/001554 – Bourne Farm, Piddlehinton – Change of use of agricultural building to 2 dwellings (Use Class C3) and for associated operational development – PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED AND IS HEREBY APPROVED.

WD/D/18/001455 – Unit 31, Piddlehinton – Change of use of a vacant business unit within Use Class B1 (Business) to a Dance Studio within Use Class D2 (Assembly and leisure) – APPROVED

THE TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (GENERAL PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT) (ENGLAND) ORDER 2015 (AS AMENDED) – Application No: WD/D/18/001747 – Little Puddle Farm, Little Puddle Farm Lane, Piddlehinton – Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to Dwelling houses(4 dwellings) (Use Class C3) and for associated operational development. – PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED AND IS HEREBY APPROVED.

  1. Planning consultation

WD/D/18/001865 – 8 Bourne Farm Cottages, Piddlehinton – Erection of single storey front extension.

This application was voted on at the meeting and it was proposed by Cllr Sherwood and seconded by Cllr Mailer that these proposals are approved.  All in favour

The following planning consultations were received after the agenda was set.  An Extra Ordinary meeting was agreed to discuss them on 10 October 2018;

WD/D/18/001954 – 20 Paynes Close, Piddlehinton – Erection of rear extension


WD/D/18/002122 – The Manor House, 10 Rectory Road, Piddlehinton – Erection of greenhouse


WD/D/18/002160 – Kiddles House, Church Lane, Piddletrenthide – Replace existing slate roof on wing, porches and garage with thatch

WD/D/18/002159 – Kiddles House, Church Lane, Piddletrenthide – Replace existing slate roof on wing, porches and garage with thatch

  1. Application for modification order public bridleways 8 & 18: Update

The following response has been received following the councils response to the consultation letter received;

On 7th October 2010 Dorset County Council rejected the application on the ground that the map accompanying it had been a computer-generated enlargement of an Ordnance Survey map drawn to a scale of 1:50,000, and not by a map drawn to a scale of not less than 1:25,000. The respondents’ application for judicial review was dismissed by the Administrative Court, but the appeal was allowed by the Court of Appeal, Civil Division (23/4/13). In dismissing the authority’s appeal, the Supreme Court (heard 15/1/2015) held that a map which accompanied an application, and was presented at a scale of no less than 1:25,000, satisfied the requirement in para1(a) of Sch14 of being ‘drawn to the prescribed scale’ in circumstances where it had been digitally derived from an original map with a scale of 1:50,000, (judgment on 18/3/2015). Consequently, the County Council is now intending determine the application in accordance with its duties under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Consultations on this application were carried out by Dorset County Council on 26th January 2006 and 6th August 2009. Any information that the Parish Council provided in response to the consultations at that time has been retained on file and will be considered by the County Council in determining the application for the modification order.

  1. West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland Local Plan Review; collate comments from Councillors

The Clerk confirmed that comments had been received by one councillor, a discussion then followed and any further comments need to be with the Clerk by 28 September 2018 to be included in the council’s submission.

  1. Government Shale Gas Exploration and Production Planning consultation; collate comments from Councillors

The Clerk confirmed that comments had been received by one councillor and these would be submitted

  1. Modifications to the Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole Waste Plan consultation

The clerk confirmed that comments had been received by one councillor and these would be submitted

  1. Planning enforcement matters reported

The Clerk informed the Council of some enforcement issues that have been reported.  The way of reporting enforcement issues has also changed;  the clerk has always reported enforcement issues directly to the enforcement officer at West Dorset District Council but has been advised that this is now unacceptable and all issues should be reported via Dorset for You;

  1. WD/D/18/000967 – Lawrence Mede, Piddlehinton – door at rear of property bricked up, this is not on the plans
  2. WD/D/15/0002527 – 17 High Street, Piddlehinton – Yoga and sound studio at property causing noise issues

Response received from enforcement;  The primary legislation that deals with noise issues lies with Environmental Health, so I am copying this email to them for their information, and they would likely require further information with regards to what times the noise nuisance takes place, the duration and regularity.

If you consider that there has been a change of use of the property with regards to the yoga classes taking place there, then we could look into this if it is felt that the character of the property has changed from being primarily residential to commercial. Let me know if you would like us to look into this further.

For information, the relevant application for the garage with studio above is WD/D/16/000306, for some reason it wasn’t showing on dorsetforyou.gov.uk; but I have asked for it to be altered so that it should be showing on the website as of tomorrow.

Since the meeting a further email has been received from Environmental Health requesting the complainant contacts them direct to discuss further detail.  The Clerk has passed this to the complainant.


  1. WD/D/18/000453 West Cottage, Piddletrenthide – Planning application stated field shelter would be incorporated into the new sable block – it hasn’t and has been moved

Response received from enforcement;  Having looked at the documents for WD/D/18/000453 for the ‘Erection of stables block’ at West Cottage, Piddletrenthide I am unable to see on the approved plans where it states that the field shelter will be incorporated into the new stable block.  The approved plan is for a new stable block structure to be built with a link to the existing garage block. 

Field shelters are considered temporary and do not need planning permission if they are fully mobile.  The ‘temporary field shelter’ as shown in plan LS/18/02/01 (Plan and Elevations as Existing) if capable of being moved and does not remain in the same position would not be classified as development; so if it has been moved (I would presume to enable the construction of the approved stable block), then that would be permitted.  It is not required to be removed from the site as part of the planning consent.

  1. W & S recycling land at Thorncombe Farm, Piddletrenthide – building has been modified and being lived in

156/2018 Dorset AONB Management Plan 2019 – 2024:  Review collated comments from councillors

No comments were received but if there are any comments to be made please let the Clerk have them by 28 September at the latest.

157/2018 Community Car scheme working group

Cllr Potts gave an update which included the following;

  • 13 drivers have signed up to the scheme with a further 7 possible
  • A meeting with the drivers and Nordcat is to be arranged
  • Extra drivers are always welcome

A letter from Puddletown Parish Council has been received requesting the support of the council to save the bus services.  It was agreed that as Piddle Valley have already been through the process, the Clerk would respond to inform them of this and of the car scheme being launched.

158/2018 GDPR Compliance Policy documents

  1. To review completed Security Compliance Checklists from all Councillors
  2. To review and adopt the Data Breach Policy

The Clerk confirmed that not all checklists have been received.  This item is deferred to the next agenda.

159/2018 Neighbourhood Plan

Clerk has emailed West Dorset District Council requesting confirmation of approval of Neighbourhood Plan but this has not yet been received.  Cllr Phillips gave the Clerk a different email address at WDDC to try.

Clerk to email different officer at WDDC requesting the confirmation of approval

160/2018 Letters to Transport managers

In Cllr Locks absence, Cllr Mailer informed the meeting that due to the driving behaviours of some of the larger vehicles carrying out business within the Valley, Cllr Lock has requested that a letter is hand delivered to these companies asking them to be considerate of other road users and to remind them of the 30mph speed limit.  It was agreed that a draft letter is circulated along with a proposed list of companies.

Cllr Lock and Mailer to draft letter and list of companies and circulate to all Cllrs prior to the October meeting for approval

161/2018 Telephone boxes at Piddletrenthide and Piddlehinton

Cllr Mailer informed the meeting that she has reported the state of the phone boxes to BT who will arrange for maintenance work to be carried out.

Cllr Sherwood requested that the Plush box is included and Cllr Mailer agreed to do this once photos and details have been received.

Cllr Sherwood to provide photos/details to Cllr Mailer who will then submit to BT

162/2018 Flood Plan – contact details on website

Cllr Ebdon has spoken to Becky Brookman at DCC regarding what details should appear on the website and Becky agreed to find out and report back.  Clerk will chase for a response.

Clerk to contact DCC

163/2018 DAPTC meeting update

Nothing to report.

164/2018 New Website

The Clerk updated the meeting with progress of the new website and it was agreed that the link to the new website, although not finished should be circulated to all Councillors for comments.

Clerk to circulate web address

165/2018 Defibrillator Working Group update

The list of VETS numbers is nearing completion and the possible dates for training are;

17 October 2018 –  18 October 2018 – 29 October 2018

A volunteer is required to paint the box at White Lackington.

166/2018 Financial Matters

  1. Bills for Payment

Village Hall hire costs September x 2       £ 25.00

Clerks expenses               August                                 £  12.60

Clerks expenses September                       £  42.30

Community Heartbeat – VETS                    £388.80

Bradfords – Glue for Defibs                         £  20.33

Heart Internet (Domain name)                  £  19.18

It was proposed by Cllr Sherwood and seconded by Cllr Mailer that these payments should be made.  All agreed.

  1. External Audit – Approval for Exemption Certificate

The Clerk informed the meeting that the external auditor has confirmed that as the Parish Council does not exceed £25,000 in Income or Expenditure that a full review is not required so the council can complete an exemption certificate which will then save £200 in fees.   The Clerk asked the external auditor to confirm if this would have any detrimental effect on the council and they confirmed that it would not.   It was proposed by Cllr Mailer and seconded by Cllr Sherwood that the exemption certificate is completed.  All agreed.

Clerk to complete certificate and submit to external auditor

  1. 2019/2010 Precept request

The Clerk has received the forms for completion by 31 January 2019 and asked for all Councillors to consider the precept prior to the next meeting in the hope that these can be agreed and completed.

All councillors to consider precept amount for 2019/20 prior to October meeting

167/2018 Highway Matters

  1. Footpath issues, Piddlehinton

It was agreed that Cllr Lock should make contact with property owners in West Lane regarding the cutting of hedges.

168/2018 River clearance

A discussion took place regarding this year’s river clearance and the guidance produced by the Environment Agency.

169/2018 Clerk/Chairman training request

Approval was requested for the Clerk and Chair to attend a training session on working together.  It was proposed by Cllr Mailer and seconded by Cllr Coombes that the request is approved.  All agreed.

170/2018 Parish Councillor vacancies – Piddlehinton and Alton Pancras – Co-option policy

All Councillors received the draft co-option policy prior to the meeting and it was proposed by Cllr Coombes and seconded by Cllr Sherwood that this policy is adopted.  All agreed with one abstention.

The vacancies advertised by WDDC did not receive any applicants for election this will now be advertised for co-option and any applications received will be discussed at the October meeting.

171/2018 Centenary Fund – status update

Cllr Sherwood informed the meeting that she has spoken to the head teacher who is happy to be involved with events which will include the tree planting and the children being dressed in WW1 costume.  This will take place on 12 November 2018.  It was agreed that a tree and plaque will be purchased for each village.

Regarding the placement of the tree on the playing field, it was agreed that the landowner is contacted to agree the position and also invite to the event.

172/2018 News & Views/Website

Nothing to include other than the standard item updates.

173/2018 Playing Field & Playground

The Clerk in Cllr Cox’s absence confirmed that the gaps have now been filled in and there is one bag left which will be kept for when the swings matting needs filling in.

A letter from the PTA has been received for this year’s bonfire night.  It was agreed that this can go ahead but to include in approval letter the clearing up and also that the bonfire isn’t prepared too early as hedgehogs will make a home!

The recent grass cutting was discussed and the following will be reported to the school;

  • Grass cuttings not cleared
  • Wet grass now on the non-slip surface, giving the opposite effect to what it should be
  • No cutting took place in and around the table and bench

The hedge between Northover Close and the bridge into school needs cutting back as it is causing visibility issues.

Clerk to contact school to respond to bonfire request and to report the grass and hedge issues

174/2018 Items for next agenda

Flood Management Plan

Data Breach Policy

Security Compliance Checklists

Clerks Review

Councillor’s vacancies

Letters to Transport Managers – Cllr Lock

There being no further business the meeting closed at 2220 with notice that the next meeting will be the extra ordinary to be held on Wednesday 10 October 2018, 1930hrs at Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall and the next full Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 October at 7.30pm, Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall