Dog Waste

A recent complaint of continued dog fouling in a public place was made by a local resident to the Dog Warden Service, who visited both parties within an hour or so of the call. They also advised that “you’ll be seeing us more in future”. The Wardens have the power to report offenders for prosecution if fouling occurs. Would dog owners please ensure that they take suitable plastic bags with them when they exercise their pets, then dispose of them either in their own bin at home, or one of the public waste bins in the valley. Abandoning the bag by the side of a path is not acceptable. Please note, the bin at the children’s playground is not a public bin and has to be emptied by the Parish Council, so should not be used for dog waste ( or used nappies, either, please!)

There have also been reported incidents of a dog not being under proper control and being aggressive to others, particularly around the Playing Field. Please ensure your pet is properly restrained and under control at all times, as failure to do so is also an offence. Any member of the public can report fouling or other dog problems to the District Council Dog Warden service on 01305 251010

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