Dog Fouling problems

The perennial issue of the result of exercising dogs has been raised again by members of the Public at several Parish Council meetings, in relation to the appalling state of the track and verges behind the Piddle Inn, parts of West Lane, Egypt and London Rd, Piddlehinton.

If you are exercising a dog, it is not acceptable to just ignore what it has left on the track. You would not like to step in it, so why leave it for others to do so?. If for some reason you cannot carry a plastic bag with you on a walk to collect and remove it, would you at least please kick (or flick, using a stick) the offending material into the undergrowth at the track side, so it is out of the area used by children and adults.

The practice of putting it in a bag and then hanging it on the nearest tree or gatepost is also unacceptable. It cannot then naturally rot and the festoon of bags is unsightly.

There is no “them” to clear it up afterwards, so please take it home and put it in the waste bin. If the problems continue, it may be necessary to ask the District Council dog wardens to patrol the area.

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