The Piddle Valley Parish Council has set up a working group to look at the possibility of a Community Car Scheme in the Piddle Valley. Buckland Newton, Cerne Abbas and Puddletown all have these schemes.

The Dorchester Community Car scheme have agreed to extend their area to include the Piddle Valley for appointments at Dorchester Hospital. Contact Joan Hutson Telephone: 01305 269330.

NORDCAT have said that they would be willing to administer the scheme for us, so the administration would be taken care of.

The key to the success of a community car scheme is car drivers who are available to spare some time to drive people to the doctors or to a hospital appointment.

If you put your name forward, do not think that you will have to accept all requests for help you receive. The more people who volunteer, the less times you may be asked to help.

The mileage allowance is 50p/mile, and this can be claimed from home address, to the pick-up point, to the doctors/hospital, back to the pick-up point, and back to your home address.

This project is in its infancy. However, to know if it is viable, we need drivers. Please contact one of your Parish Councillors with your name, contact details, and address to express an interest, and they can forward your details to the Transport Working Group.

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