DRAFT Minutes of October 2018 meeting

Draft Minutes of Piddle Valley Parish Council
Tuesday 30 October 2018
Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall

Present: Cllrs Ebdon (CHAIR), Potts, Abbott, Mailer, Coombes, Phillips, Murray, Lock, Brackstone, Cox

Apologies received: Cllrs Howard, Sherwood, Hiscock
A letter of resignation with immediate effect has been received from Cllr Hiscock due to work commitments.

Democratic Period

Cllr Potts raised concern regarding one of the streetlights at Alton Pancras which needs repairing. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact SSE to arrange maintenance although the Clerk did inform the meeting that when this fault occurred previously there was an access issue for SSE.

Action – Clerk to contact SSE

County Cllr Update

County Councillor Haynes was unable to attend the meeting but sent the following report;

• You will note that the Chancellor did give us additional funding in a number of areas, we’re still working out what that still means for Dorset and I will send further information on when I have it.

• Dorset County Council has been rated top of 150 English councils for Social Care Support. Clients commended not just the practical support but also the human touch and how people were listened to and they “shared a laugh”
The council was also in the top three for “people feeling safe”and the “quality of lives” in Dorset. Great stuff and we all know it is a fantastic place to live.

• You will have seen an article recently in the press about our current Chief Executive leaving the role at the end of November. I have worked with Debbie Ward firstly as the Director for Adult and Communities and then as the CE for six years now and she has been a breath of fresh air to the council. Working incredibly hard and always putting Dorset first. I will miss her and wish her well for the future. Most of the reporting was about a very large “lump-sum” that was stated as her “pay off” in fact her Redundancy package was only about a quarter of the sum the bulk of the money is her pension pot which she has paid into as a civil servant over her lifetime of employment and for which she does not get a lump sum but paid out over many years. You know you cannot believe everything said in the press!

• The Boundary Commission has now published its final decision on the new wards for the Dorset council. Things for this area have not changed and Piddle Valley will remain in the Chalk Valleys Ward.

• Interviews will commence for the new Directors for the new Council at the beginning of December, and I am told that we have received strong interest in the positions, the applications close next Monday 5 November.

• If any of you are attending I am giving a brief presentation at the DAPTC AGM on Health Integration.

District Cllr update

District Cllr Haynes was unable to attend the meeting.

Police/Home watch update

PC Donnison was unable to attend the meeting but sent the following report;

Crimes Reported:
16/10/2018 – attempted shed break and break to van – no items taken – Piddletrenthide
29/10/2018 – break to industrial unit in Piddlehinton – theft of car batteries and stock fencing

Other Matters:
There is an increase in Poaching activity, Dorset Police urge the members of public to report incidents and suspicious circumstances.
Dorset Police need to know:-
About sightings of suspicious vehicles
Padlocks being bolt cropped
Tyre tracks in fields
Gates left open
Any other poaching activity
Report it by calling 101, emailing 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or report it via the Dorset Police website www.dorset.police.uk “Contact Us” section

175/2018 Declarations of Interest

All councillors declared an interest in item 15d) on the agenda as the precept affects them all.

176/2018 Minutes of Piddle Valley Parish Council meeting held on 25 September 2018

It was proposed by Cllr Phillips and seconded by Cllr Mailer that these minutes with the following amendments should be accepted as a true record of the meeting;

Page 1, County Cllr Update, eighth point should have read; The local bus service is not making the money it should albeit only 50p and it will continue to run for the time being.

Page 1, County Cllr Update, ninth point should have the following at the end; County Cllr Haynes confirmed this would be done.

All agreed.

177/2018 Minutes of extra ordinary meeting held on 10 October 2018

It was proposed by Cllr Potts and seconded by Cllr Abbott that these minutes should be accepted as a true record of the meeting.

178/2018 Matters arising from last minutes – action sheet

The outstanding items on the action sheet were updated as attached and the following planning application was also voted on;

WD/D/18/002160 & 2159 – Kiddles House, Church Lane, Piddletrenthide – Following the extra ordinary meeting held on 10 October where this application was discussed, it was agreed that further clarification on materials was required prior to making a decision. This information was received and the application voted on. It was proposed by Cllr Mailer and seconded by Cllr Coombes that no objections should be made. All agreed.

Action – Clerk to submit comments to planning

179/2018 Planning matters

a) Decision Notices

WD/D/18/000967 – Lawrence Mede, Piddlehinton – Internal and external alterations to convert integral barn to family room and en-suite, installation of glazed doors to porch and installation of chimney pots – APPROVED

WD/D/18/001954 – 20 Paynes Close, Piddlehinton – Erection of rear extension – APPROVED

b) Planning consultation

WD/D/18/002221 – Little Puddle Farm, Piddlehinton – Change of use of agricultural barn to dwelling house (Use Class C3) and for associated operational development – This application was discussed and it was proposed by Cllr Cox and seconded by Cllr Murray that this should not be approved for the following reasons and all agreed;

• Regulations dictate that the prior approval of the authority will be required as to…. e) whether the location or siting of the building makes it otherwise impractical or undesirable for the building to change from agricultural use to a use falling within Class C3 (dwelling houses) of the Schedule to the Use Classes Order. ‘The local planning authority can consider whether the location and siting of the building would make it impractical or undesirable to change use to a house’. The application for Little Puddle Farm does not look like a conventional dwelling, being a 10 bedroom dwelling. The building appears to be a HMO which would be inappropriate for the rural location
• Development is not permitted by Class A if: Any part of the development would be within 25 metres of a metalled part of a trunk road or classified road; From the map the barn is ~20m from the road (C128 Rectory Road).
• It will now be possible to convert agricultural floor space to create one of these alternatives:
o Up to three ‘larger homes’, with a combined maximum floor space of 465 sq. m.
o Up to five smaller homes (each less than 100 sq. m).
o A mix of both, with a total of no more than five homes, of which no more than three may be larger homes.
o This is one home with a floor area of 465 sp m.
o Previous approved application 18/001747 is for 4 dwellings of <100 sq. m
• Notes Barns 1 & 2 in application 18/001747 are also within 25 metres of the road (C128 Rectory Road).

Action – Clerk to submit comments to Planning

P188 Consultation: Proposed Diversion of Footpaths 9, 22 & Bridleways 7, 8 & 23 Piddlehinton and Bridleway 32, Puddletown – it was agreed that no further comments need to be submitted.

c) WD/D/18/0002046 Muston Farm – Conversion of redundant agricultural building to residential – comments from applicant. A request from the applicant has been received to meet on site to discuss the comments made from the Parish Council. A discussion took place as to why this would be required and it was agreed that as the comment have been submitted and the date has passed for comments then it is not necessary to meet the applicant.

Action – Clerk to contact applicant

d) Update on enforcement issues

17 High Street, Piddlehinton – response received from Enforcement advising that complainant contacts Environmental Health as it is a noise issue. Cllr Mailer confirmed that she has passed this information on.
No reference to change of use has been made by enforcement. Action for Clerk to chase.

Lawrence Mede, Piddlehinton – response received from enforcement regarding the bricked up door but they are not referring to the reported location. Cllr Mailer agreed to meeting with the enforcement officer on site to show exact location.

W & S Recycling, Thorncombe Farm, – no update received.

Alleged unauthorised Camp site at Church Lane, Piddletrenthide – response received from enforcement refers to different location given. Cllr Mailer agreed to meeting with the enforcement officer on site to show exact location.

Action – Clerk to contact enforcement officer to arrange site meeting with Cllr Mailer

e) New enforcement matters

Bourne Park opposite 3 core electrical just above Bride Valley, there are workshops being built but no application has been received.
After the meeting Cllr Mailer advised the clerk that there was a planning application submitted previously, WD/D/18/000715, but it is not clear if this is the same location.

WD/D/18/000071 CARTERS BARN FARM, PIDDLEHINTON, DORCHESTER, DT2 Change of use of the land from agricultural to equestrian & construction of equestrian arena enclosed by post and rail fencing. Not clear whether the application was for a commercial development which it now is.

Action – Clerk to contact enforcement

180/2018 Community Car scheme working group

Cllr Potts gave an update which included the following;

A meeting has been held with 6 of the 13 drivers. A further meeting will be arranged to go through the policy documents ready for approval.

181/2018 GDPR Compliance Policy documents

All documents from current councillors have now been completed and it was agreed that the Policy working group would meet to review documents.

182/2018 Neighbourhood Plan

Clerk has received and circulated the confirmation of approval of Neighbourhood Plan.

183/2018 Flood Plan – contact details on website

No confirmation of what details should appear on the plan has been received so it was agreed that the following should;

• local volunteers / flood wardens (all Councillors)
• Important telephone numbers
• Available resources
• Location of flood signs

Action – Cllr Cox to amend plan and send to Cllr Ebdon for approval prior to being submitted on the website

184/2018 DAPTC meeting update

Ahead of the DAPTC AGM which Cllr Lock will be attending, the following Motions have been received and will be voted on at the AGM. Approval was given for Cllr Lock to participate in the voting on behalf of the parish council guided by the following;

Motion 1 (from Beaminster Town Council)

Beaminster Town Council propose that DAPTC urge NALC to lobby the Government to restore funding to Local Authorities to enable them to support (subsidise) bus services and other forms of public transport in rural areas – AGREE

Motion 2 (from Bryanston Parish Council)

For consideration of planning applications, can we propose that parish (and town) councils should be supported in being actively involved in all consultations between developers and planners, and directly involved in the resulting decision-making. – AGREE

Motion 3 (from Chideock Parish Council)

Chideock Parish Council asks NALC to urgently lobby central government to completely overhaul how adult and child social care services are funded. – ABSTAIN

Motion 4 (from Lyme Regis Town Council)

Lyme Regis Town Council would like NALC to continue to pursue the means for Town and Parish Councils to receive a percentage (e.g.5%) of Business Rates paid by businesses, within their town and parished areas. – AGAINST

Motion 5 (from Silton Parish Meeting)

Chairmen of Parish Meetings to be provided with their own copies of their Parish Electoral Registers. – AGREE

Motion 6 (from Studland Parish Council)

Studland Parish Council request that NALC lobby for legislation to require applicants for tree felling in Conservation Areas to supply reasons for such work in their applications. – AGREE

185/2018 New Website

The Clerk confirmed that the website is now live and all documents from the community website have now been placed on the Parish Council one.

The Website has been submitted to Google
The website can have a Security Certificate – this is an SSL which can be provided at an additional cost of £80. It was agreed that more information is needed to understand what this is.
Emails sent via the website automatically get sent to the normal piddlevalley@dorset-aptc email
One hour telephone training has been held and training video access has been given although the Clerk has stressed that patience will be key whilst getting used to the managing of the website!

186/2018 Defibrillator Working Group update

The VETS training session was postponed and will be rearranged for a later date.

187/2018 Financial Matters

a) Bills for Payment

Village Hall hire £ TBC
Clerks expenses October £ 30.60
Eyelid Productions (Website) £660.00

It was proposed by Cllr Coombes and seconded by Cllr Brackstone that these payments should be made. All agreed.

b) Income

WDDC Precept £5500

c) VAT refunds

British Heart Foundation and Community Heartbeat invoices still outstanding. Cllr Cox and Clerk to review.

d) 2019/2010 Precept request

Cllr Cox has circulated the up to date accounts in preparation for considering the precept for 2019/20. A discussion was held regarding potential additional expenditure for the next financial year and a 3% increase was considered. No decision was made and it was agreed that the paperwork will be completed at the November meeting.

Action – All Councillors to consider precept increase prior to November meeting

188/2018 Highway Matters

a) DCC Grit Bins/Dumpy Bags – Winter season 2018/19

Information has been received and the Clerk requested any bins that require filling, email/phone the details through.

b) Speed Indicator device

Cllr Phillips informed the meeting of recent correspondence with Rob Camp, DCC Road Safety Officer regarding the maintenance of the device. A discussion followed regarding the fact that the device is not a parish council asset and because of this what effect does this have as far as DCC are concerned? Should it be a parish council asset and if it is, the device is no longer purely for the use at Piddlehinton.
It was agreed that the Clerk will contact DCC to discuss the concerns/questions.
Action – Clerk to contact DCC

Cllr Phillips requested that a new battery is bought for the device and the costs would come out of the Piddlehinton account. It was proposed by Cllr Phillips and seconded by Cllr Brackstone that this item is purchased. All agreed
c) Dorchester Marathon 2019
The Clerk informed the meeting that next year’s event will only be a half marathon and the Piddle Valley will not form any part of the route.
d) Church Lane, Piddletrenthide bridge proposal
Information has been received regarding a proposal for works at the bridge and confirmation of any works will be received once known.
e) The Barn, Rectory Road, Piddlehinton
Highways have confirmed that the licence to cultivate will not be passed to the new owner and advised that the Parish Council could apply for the licence to cultivate. It was agreed to find out more information regarding costs from DCC.
Action – Clerk to contact Highways

189/2018 River clearance

Cllr Cox informed the meeting that he has contacted the Environment Agency asking for clarification as to what can be done alongside the football field but as yet no response has been received. Cllr Cox will chase this prior to the river clearance on 10 November 2018.

190/2018 Parish Councillor vacancies

The Clerk confirmed that one application has been received to fill one of the vacancies in Piddlehinton. The Clerk will circulate the application and invite the applicant to the November meeting.
Cllr Potts requested that the application paperwork is sent to a parishioner in Alton Pancras who is also interested in filling one of the vacancies.
Action – Clerk to circulate applications received prior to November meeting

191/2018 News & Views/Website

No items to add.

192/2018 Playing Field & Playground

The Clerk informed the meeting that a response has been received from the school regarding the cutting of hedges and grass. They confirmed that the school has already raised these concerns with the contractors and hopefully will be resolved. They would need to confirm with the contractors regarding the front hedgerow near the bridge as they have specific areas of responsibility.

193/2018 Items for next agenda

Clerks Review
Licence to Cultivate
White Lackington Bus Shelter account
Councillor vacancies

There being no further business the meeting closed at 2155 with notice that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 November at 7.30pm, Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall